How do I acquire Genesis Fat Cats?

You can purchase them via one of the secondary marketplaces.

How do I join the private discord?

Please verify ownership or reach out to us on Twitter.

What IP rights do I have?

Fat Cats are CC0 which means the art & style can be used by anyone. The exception is the name Fat Cats & our official logo which remain owned by the DAO. Anyone wishing to use those should first seek permission from us.

If you are creating a derivative and would like official endorsement please reach out to our account on Twitter or via email.

What is a DAO & How Does it Work?

A decentralized autonomous organization resembles a collectors club or 'company'. Fat Cats holders are able to put forward proposals and vote on most aspects of this project such as what to acquire or whether to take distributions.

The DAO is managed by the Council of Claw which is a group of five people who were elected from among the holders. To learn more about our governance please check out our Litepaper.

What are Junior Fat Cats?

Junior Fat Cats will enjoy the same utility and benefits as Fat Cats Genesis. Every Fat Cat Genesis holder will be able to mint a Junior Fat Cat for free. An extra 2000 will be sold to the public. All funds raised and all ongoing royalties will go directly to the DAO treasury. Distribution will be random so everyone will have a chance to mint a legendary. Stay tuned for sneak peeks!