Welcome to fat cats

Fat Cats is a collection of NFTs that double as membership tokens and a share of all Fat Cats holdings.

Join us as we build the premier blue chip NFT collectors club.

Pushing The Boundaries Of Value Creation

Premier Private Members' Club

We are bringing together thinkers and innovators who will be the future leaders of the Web3 revolution.

Fat Cats Portfolio

Our primary focus is on acquiring blue chip NFT brands. Every Fat Cats member has a pro-rata vote and share of the holdings.

Harnessing the Power of Sub-DAOs

We are leveraging our network & expertise to create specialized collector clubs that explore other sectors in the Web3 space, from Cryptocurrencies to Fine Art.

Fat Cats Studio

We help innovators forge real solutions in Web3, with our core specialization being the integration of digital asset ownership into existing Web2 businesses. We look forward to hearing from you.

Entering the Metaverse

We believe that establishing & maintaining a strong presence across the metaverse will be vital to our prosperity. We have acquired land in the Otherside which we will use to develop a community estate & explore opportunities.

Research & Partnerships

Our community has fostered a culture of open debate & education. Our private Discord is filled with quality research, a robust whitelist marketplace & alpha callers. In addition we believe strongly in cultivating meaningful partnerships and provide numerous third party discounts & services.

Why Fat Cats?

Fat Cats has an experienced and proven team

Our fully-doxxed team brings together professionals from the worlds of traditional finance, crypto-investing, fine art and marketing, as well as opens access to an extensive network of contacts.

Blue Chip NFTs have incredible long term potential

Yet most cannot afford a Bored Ape. Owning a Fat Cats NFT gives you access to a share of the entire DAO's holdings at an affordable price.

Capital gains and distribution potential

In addition to substantial capital gains potential, blue chip NFTs have a track record of delivering value. Fat Cats members will vote on whether to hold them or take distributions.

Disclaimer: Fat Cats DAO is a Collectors Club exploring collective governance of crypto-assets. Anything stated here should not be considered financial advice.